Nuriye's Diary

Saturday, December 13, 2014


Saturday night and I am dressed in flannel pjs with christmas tree lit having a very G rated night until......  I look out my front door to see a rat on my roof hanging on for his life about to fall into my court yard!!  In FL we have what they call roof rats hence the reason it was on my roof lol and they also run around in the trees.  Harmless but very scary lol as I learned tonight.  So what does this little (huge) rat do??  Yup, fell right into my court yard by my front door.  I could tell he was not right maybe sick not sure but the poor thing was in no condition to be left there.  So I go get a shovel lol and go outside and talk to it like its a puppy and then slowly poke it to see if it will walk on the shovel.  Well this rat turned in to robo rat and moved so fast right onto my shovel!!  What did I do??  I screamed and tossed it off the shovel!! LOL  Ok, so take 2 I gather myself for another try.  This time he does the same thing and runs onto my shovel at which I take off like my ass is on FIRE!! LOL..  Out my door and into my driveway and just kept running LOL I didnt know where to take it so across my neighbors lawn I went and of course they were outside to see an oversized chick in flannels with a shovel with a rat in it moving at a rapid pace across their yard! :)  FINALLY I found a little bush to place it and then I went running home.  WOW, I am exhausted I will be on the couch if you need me! :)


Friday, December 12, 2014


MUST SEE, Iron Debate with Denise Masino on RXMUSCLE.COM.  Denise nailed it and its just something as a fan you will love to see and listen to, I did.  Denise was and is a friend of mine since about 2000 she introduced me to the sport and to muscle erotica.  Enjoy it Denise defended this sport and this industry like a champ very proud of her and the words she spoke, well done!

Nuriye :)

Tuesday, December 09, 2014


After my exciting morning I did get a new washer/dryer delivered so now its catch up laundry!  Not fun figuring I am in the gym twice a day that creates alot of smelly clothes :P..  Oh well here I am doing the laundry on this lovely tuesday night :)  Oh, it is COLD HERE IN FLORIDA!!  I am dressed like a snowman and its only going to get colder as the week goes on.  My lord I am not used to this and neither are my nipples!!

Nuriye :)


Had repair men out to today to fix my dryer only to find out they could not which did not make me happy at all!  They parked around the back of my home and my backyard has a canal running thru it.  They decided they would try to drive over this huge hill and make a U turn but silly men that they are they got stuck.  I watched with humor for about 30 min as they stood there with hands on hips while ripping up my lawn trying to escape.  I finally had enough and went out and told them both to get in the van.  NEVER have I gotten beat by a weight I get under and this van was no exception to that rule.  I pushed that mother fucker over the hill and both stuck their heads out of the window in SHOCK. LOL, I just waived and said BYE and thanks for nothing will be sending you a bill for my lawn.  Sometimes you just need a muscle goddess to get you over that hill! :)


Friday, December 05, 2014

Not all equal

Inches are not all created equal.  Having a huge plush physique is NOT the same as building a huge hard physique.  My quest is to continue to build my physique while maintaining a high level of condition.  Not easy but to me much more rewarding and fun! :)  Lets face it an 18 inch arm with veins running thru it is much more intimidating than an 18 inch arm that looks like a marshmallow!  Having muscle and height that shocks the normal human excits me I will be the first one to admit that!! :)  Happy weekend :)


Friday, November 28, 2014

Normal Equals BORING

I tell ya there is nothing like a FBBs pussy.  Big juicy clit, tight and wet.  Looking at a normal womans pussy quite frankly puts me to sleep.  Once a man experiences a real pussy, a fbb pussy he is 100% never going back to the norm that I can guarantee!

Happy Weekend!
Nuriye :)

Monday, November 10, 2014


Went to DR. today just for a check up and it took 3 sleeves before they found one to fit my arm to take my blood pressureLOL..  Ahhhh exactly why I took 2014 off to grow some new meat and that is just what I did.  I knew I had to do this in order to shut it down on stage in 2015. :)

Saturday, November 08, 2014


Was training on Thursday and had a man approach me.  He came up to me like a scared dog and whispered to me "how long did it take you to get like that", I answered "many years".  It was at that point he just starred at me and I was thinking as I starred back "you have no idea who I am and you have no idea that I know exactly what is going on in your mind and in your pants".  I went on to train my chest and biceps and do you know what he did, NOTHING!  He went from machine to machine to have the perfect view of watching me train.  After each set I would look up to find him in a new place with me in his sight.  As I was leaving the gym I passed him and in my dirty, naughty mind I wanted to stand in front of him and demand he expose his massive hard on to all in the gym and cum at my feet but of course instead I just wished him goodnight. :)  I bet he didnt even make it home before he came all over himself.  This is what happenes when you meet a bigger than life alpha muscle goddess!! :)