Nuriye's Diary

Friday, September 12, 2014

Having a Blast

I must say I am having a blast with my more "scary" updates! :)  The truth is although I do find my muscle sexy and beautiful I also know its LETHAL.  The power I have can do alot of damage and I am very well aware of this. :)  I love that many enjoy this as well and that is what inspires updates like "fear me, crave me".  Crazy makeup is just a little extra for the fun of it!  I love stepping out of the box and intruducing this aspect to my site.  Rubbing my muscle, posing my muscle is awesome but I love to get a little crazy and show off just how scary and sexy it can be!  Some updates I seduce the cum out of you and some I scare the cum out of you either way makes me a very happy girl! :)

Tuesday, September 02, 2014


Anyone else amazed about what they see on twitter??  I love all the little men flexing their tiny muscle asking "what do you think"??  If I was on twitter I would respond.. "about what"???  Then I came across some guy bragging about his 21 inch arms.  See people need to be careful about just blabbing out a measurement.  His skin was a thick as a whale and not one ounce development fat, fat and did I say fat?.  You have to EARN bragging rights and your measurements!  You cant just eat your ass off get a huge fat arm and then talk about how big you are lol DUMB SHIT!  Twitter, the land of the tiny and the fat flexing their way to stardom.... NOT!  I say drop the camera for about 6 months get your ass in the gym and train, push, diet and WORK.  Then maybe pick up the camera to share.  Although the dude with the pile of fat 21 inch arms would be down to 15 inch arm :P.  People need MAJOR reality checks it"s too damn funny!


Monday, September 01, 2014


I swear a little gobblin is going into my closet at night and stealing all my large tee shirts and replacing them with smalls!  These shirts are getting TIGHTER but then I look in the mirror and my 18 in arms and realize I am just getting HUGE! :)  Enjoy the journey, I downsize for NO ONE!


Sunday, August 31, 2014


I am not sure if this is just a girl thing but I have closets full of clothes and I think I never have any clothes!!  I have all this stuff to choose from and I end up wearing the same things all the time! LOL, am I the only one who does this or does the woman in your life do the same thing??  If you have a long weekend please enjoy it. :)  I cant believe the summer is over for most and the holidays are around the corner again.  I do enjoy warming so many of you up during the winter months and the next few months are going to be HOT! :) 

Nuriye :)

Thursday, August 28, 2014


The following is cut'n'paste from a fellow FBB's page... to all of the fans of competitive women's bodybuilding - A NECESSARY CALL OUT TO OFFENDERS WHO MAY NOT UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH YOU'RE HURTING OUR SPORT:
I NEED to share this with you. One of the main reasons we have had in the past had less shows and media coverage is due to lack of available sponsors for those very expensive events. The sponsors come in the form of websites such as Wings of Strength ,, , , and the many other photo and video sites where one may view images of us girls.
Those sites make the money that they use to sponsor our shows (about $11,000.00 per show) from membership sales to their sites therefore it is imperative that the sites make money. When the sites do not make money then they cannot afford to sponsor shows and/or hire us girls for shoots and that means we cannot afford to compete. Incidentally it costs us girls about $5,000.00 to prep for a show.
It has always been true that some people feel the need to download and "share" (steal) from the membership sites and post them on DailyMotion, XHamster, XVideos, Saradas, etc. but lately the number of stolen vids and pics has grown exponentially.
Some of the fans assume that stealing a couple videos won't hurt the site as they must be making tons of money; however the sites that people are stealing from do not make anywhere near what people think, I can promise you. My site, makes on average only $500.00 per month and from that I have to pay Verotel, GoDaddy, and my webmaster. It doesn't leave much.
The major sites are often making just over or under my personal monthly income and from that they must pay staff, banking fees, Verotel, credit card company fees, and other fees.
My point is this. Many of the fans stealing...and it IS stealing as this is all copyrighted material, also claim to want to support the women of this sport and are angered that we don’t have more shows and coverage but each time pics and videos are stolen YOU ARE actively ensuring that we will fail. Posting stolen vids and pics means that no one need buy a membership to the sites that are the only reason we still exist. If they fail, we fail.
Please read the post below made by Annie regarding stolen content from the Tampa Pro.
IF YOU WANT US TO CONTINUE TO EXIST...YOU MUST STOP "sharing" STEALING CONTENT FROM THE SITES. I guarantee you, that the actions of those who steal are killing us. If you see it, send me the link and I will advise the person it is stolen from. If you do it...STOP.
Thank you all for your support and understanding.
Emery M. Miller "
Take care.

**** Above is an email I received today and its just a shame.  The women of this sport including myself are all effected by this disrespectful and illegal activity.  The email says it all but the bottom line is its just bad business period.  For those who steal content the best way to explain what this does is... would you like someone stealing money from your paycheck every week??  I 100% know the answer is NO.  I must add, I love my fans and I am in no way accusing you of doing this.  This has been an on going problem for a long time but has gotten worse.  Infact, just recently I had 2 shoots cancel because they could not afford to shoot me, very sad.  So lets get back to the respect for the women that you love to see and have a clear understanding what this does to the industry as a whole.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Thank you for all the kind wishes as I recover from my injury, you guys are awesome!!  I am doing just fine and havent taken any time off just working around it. :)  Took some time away from cam but will be back on tomorrow (herbicepscam) so if you are around come and say hi!!


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Just keep going

Oh how I am trying to find a happy place.  Workers still at work in my kitchen lol this will be over soon!  I have my fridge in my living room so eating all my meals cold.  The mess is what is killing me!! :)  The great news is although my knee is not 100% yet I am doing much, much better!  So I am finding out you dont need a knee or a kitchen to continue to train hard and eat well, WHO KNEW! LOL.. 
Nuriye :)